Exterior Aesthetics

Protection, Paint Correction and Looks

Our Exterior Aesthetics services go from paint correction using the best compounds, to a combination of waxes and the latest sealant for your car’s protection and appearance.

This service includes our Slick wash.  Vehicle will be clayed to remove all paint contamination, road grime, road tar, paint splatter, leaving a leaving a paint sealant coat that protects the car’s paint for up to 6 months.
  • Detail Polish
  • Supreme Polish
  • Ultimate Polish
Includes the Slick Wash, with full paint decontamination, road grime & paint splatter removal. Machine applied polish is used to remove unsightly light swirls marks, leaving a paint sealant coat that protects your car’s paint for up to 6 months.
(Recommended for vehicles up to 1 year old)
All the benefits of the detail polish, plus the removal of minor light scratches restoring brilliance and improving shine.
(Recommended for vehicles 1-5 years old)
A showroom finish. No scratches, no swirls with a mirror finish plus a 6 month sealant protection.
(Recommended for car enthusiasts, classic and exotic cars)
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