Our Shop

As our water resources diminishes year after year, it’s necessary to adapt and change how cars are washed.

Our detail wash system is far superior from a regular carwash, the wash lasts longer, every detail wash leaves a protective microfilm of carnaúba wax and we have no need to use water, which is the future in the carwash industry.

Quality, timeliness, detailed work and professionalism has made our shop turn first time customers into loyal clients.

From exterior detail washes, interior detailing to protective paint sealants and paint correction; we have a large combination of services that can be done conveniently while you go shopping or dine.



We use the latest technology and the best products with 20 years of research and success that delivers a clean and shiny wash at the same time, leaving a protective carnaúba film.


California is going through the worst drought in its history, not wasting water washing and detailing cars only makes sense. Let’s enjoy water with what really matters.


Because of our exclusive waterless wash formula with carnauba wax, dirt won’t stick as easy and water will be repealed from your car’s paint avoiding unsightly water marks, making your wash last longer than a regular car wash.


Making time to wash your vehicle is a thing from the past. Conveniently have your car washed with a showroom finish while you shop and dine.