Conveniently located inside parking mall structures where you can Park & Wash your vehicle while enjoying the many dining, shopping and entertainment options offered.

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Runway Playa Vista
Car Wash License
  • Sadiya Rasheed

    My car came out perfect , I would recommend this place to everyone

    Sadiya Rasheed
  • Sici Talian

    I absolutely loved it and recommend it highly! It’s an amazing service that really cleans your car while leaving a protective film of wax on your car. Not only did my car look like I just had it detailed, I also help save 38 gallons of water by using We Waterless Wash. I love California and it’s nice to know I can still not only get my car washed but have it looking SOO shiny, all while helping do my part with the draught!

    Sici Talian
  • Christina Davis

    You guys did awesome! Thank you so much. I went home and bragged about my shiny, clean car and how nice you guys were all day.

    Christina Davis
  • Shannon Crabtree

    Super convenient! Well done service with a smile and my car looks brand new!!

    Shannon Crabtree
  • Malina Moore

    Just had my car detailed before selling it and the results were phenomenal! They took their time to pay attention to every detail. They were knowledgeable about what products and what results could be attained. They were polite and fair, plus the engine was spotless, baseboards were shiny and even a minor scrape was buffed away. Overall an excellent job!

    Malina Moore