Why you should clean & condition your car’s leather?
31/05/2017 / Exterior

Why you should clean & condition your car’s leather?

A leather interior makes a big difference in the looks and aesthetics of a vehicle. Gives that classy, sophisticated look.

In order to maintain that clean look, its a must to get a leather clean & conditioning done to your interior every so often.
Reason every so often is because of certain variables such as color, how often your drive and how clean your keep your car.
Car with light color leather like light grey, cream, beige will require more maintenance compared to darker colors.
Regardless of the color, its a good idea to take it to a detail shop and get it professionally done.
When doing an interior detail of your car’s leather, its important to get it clean and conditioned as well. Only cleaning it will not condition it.
Leather without conditioning, with time, will ultimately dry out and crack, and that’s something no one wants.
Our Playa Vista Car Wash offers this service. It can be conveniently done in a considerable short amount of time while you get a waterless car wash here.
We’ll clean, condition, and by request, we can additionally apply a repellent coat to avoid stain from spills as well.
We won’t make your leather shiny or sticky, but dull (dull leather is good leather) and supple and having it look great again.
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