What is a waterless wash?
12/01/2017 / Exterior

What is a waterless wash?

What is a waterless wash is a very common and fair question.

Being that this kind of technology is new to the general public, and our brand name being We Waterless Wash sparks people’s curiosity and raises the question on a daily basis.

The process is simple, yet, there’s a lot of technology and science that goes behind washing a vehicle without water.

The solution we created is designed to safely remove dirt from the surface of the vehicle without harming or scratching the paint.

What the solution does is, once sprayed on the vehicle, it surrounds the dirt in a capsule, while gentle lubricating agents allow our microfiber towel to glide effortlessly capturing all the dirt.

Every wash leaves a microfilm of carnauba wax that helps the wash last longer because the dirt won’t stick to the paint as easy and it also helps water bead off as well.

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