Do you “make” time to wash your car?
07/01/2017 / Exterior

Do you “make” time to wash your car?

Is part of your weekend chores planning and making time to get your car washed?

Well, you’re not alone as thousands of people, just like you, do the best they can to squeeze in some time to go to the local carwash and get that out of the way.

Problem is, time is something most people really don’t have these days.
Especially if you’re a busy professional, a busy mom or a busy person period.

Making time to go to a car wash just won’t be a priority, right?
What if you could get your car not only washed, but detail washed?

Or even get it waxed while you do your grocery shopping, eat out or go to the movies?
When you’re in Playa Vista or at Victoria Gardens in the Inland Empire, that is possible. 

You can drop off your vehicle at We Waterless Wash, go shop, dine,
watch a movie and your car will be clean and shiny by the time you’re back.

Convenience and quality with attention to detail is what you can expect when you trust your vehicle to us, and we guarantee our work.

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