Why a sealant is vital for your car’s paint?
25/11/2016 / Exterior

Why a sealant is vital for your car’s paint?

Before we get into why a sealant is important, let’s see what exactly is a paint sealant.

Paint sealers are made of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked together. When a sealant bonds to your vehicle’s paint, it forms a rigid shell that sits on top of the paint, almost like a layer of super thin glass.

Sealant lasts the longest, and adds a slippery and slick feel to your paint that is unlike that of natural waxes such as carnauba.

A sealant should be considered because of the level of protection it offers compared to natural waxes.

A paint sealant can last up to 6 months; even if you use your car as a daily driver.

Because its synthetically made, the sealant will continue protecting your cars paint even when exposed on a daily basis to UV rays; which is what can happen when you apply carnauba wax.

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